2013年2月4日 星期一

[Android 推薦遊戲] 火箭之地 Rocket Island


Play swiftly and plan ahead to escape from the sinking island! Devastating disasters threaten the planet. In the fantastic steampunk world of Rocket Island, it is up to you to save mankind!

這個世界正在你的腳下崩潰 , 現在只剩下最後一個希望 , 就是利用火箭飛向月球 , 逃離這些災難 ! 您必須快速的開發六角形的土地 填海造陸 建立起足以支撐發射火箭的堅實地面 然後建造火箭 讓這些火箭發射 衝向安全的月球。

The world is crumbling beneath everyone's feet, and there's only one hope for survival: rockets to the moon! In Clouds and Sheep creator Handy Game's puzzle release Rocket Island, your job is to develop hexagons of land into functional rockets as quickly as you can. Start with the sea, build solid ground, prop up a platform, then make a rocket. All you have to do is keep everyone alive as you frantically swipe between meteors and volcanic eruptions!


✔ A most intriguing hex puzzle game
✔ Beautiful steampunk graphics
✔ Two game modes: Casual or Action
✔ Tidal, seismic, and cosmic disasters
✔ Compete with your friends for high scores
✔ Admire your colony on the moon

The End is near! The Moon becomes your refuge! Natural and cosmic disasters threaten your island. Rescue the inhabitants of this steampunk world and launch hundreds of rockets to the moon. Beat the high scores of your friends before the island is swallowed by the sea. The fate of our world lies in your hands!* Supports Immersion haptic technology *

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