2013年3月15日 星期五

[Android 推薦遊戲] Elements Battle 元素之戰

一個年輕的元素學徒必須踏上一個史詩般的冒險旅程,以找回他的師傅丟失的物品,玩家扮演的年輕學徒將會在旅程中,遇到各種不同的生物與難關,才能找到丟失的物品,你必須使用 火、水、空氣以及土,這幾種元素來進行戰鬥,在這個危險的旅途上,有幾個朋友,包含一個小精靈將會陪著你並提出一些建議。
A young disciple of the elements must take on an epic journey to retrieve missing objects at the behest of his master, Director Fiaryntus. As our hero embarks on this journey he is tasked with confronting all manner of creatures to procure these lost items. Using your training in the elements, you must battle enemies with the power of fire, water, air and earth. Several friends will offer advice along the way, including Pixie, your trusted advisor and even Director Fiaryntus himself!

基本上,遊戲的戰鬥系統是使用消消樂(連連看)的遊戲規則,玩家必須將三個以上的元素符號,不論直排或是橫列,將他們組合在一起,當玩家不斷的破關取得經驗之後,將會有新的特殊功能的元素,可以在接下來的旅途中使用,盡量將這些特殊元素以及寶物收集起來,這對玩家接下來的旅程會有很大的幫助 。
Combat presents itself in a fast-paced puzzle matching system where players must match the symbols of the elements in sets of three, either vertically or horizontally. As you continue your training and gain experience, you will discover new special abilities for each element for use in your quest. Build you collections and unearth rare and valuable items to help you in your journey!

It begins with the hunt. After receiving your first quest you'll head out into the fields for a few fights. The pre-battle screen features sets of enemies displayed in a slot machine-style interface along with quests and extra goals up top. If the enemies you need to fight aren't shown, simply insert a token and give the lever a pull to randomize them. As soon as the right foe appears, tap the button and let the gem swapping begin.

If you've played Bejeweled 3 or Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords you'll feel right at home in Elements Battle's combat screen. Your character is on the left, the enemy on the right, and a field of gems fills the center. You have five or six seconds to make as many matches as you can, swapping colored gems and other pieces to make matches of three or more that can damage the enemy or fill your element tokens. Buy and charge a red token, for example, and after matching several red gems you'll unleash a fire elemental blast. After your turn is up the enemy takes its turn, whittling down your hit points before handing the reins back to you. As soon as you run the foe's HP down to zero you win, gaining items and marking the creature off on your list of conquests. Not bad for a lowly student!

Element’s Battle is a free-to-play puzzle combat title with action-packed combat, role-playing elements and a rich and expansive story.

- Match 3 Puzzle Gameplay with RPG elements
- 5 unique, picturesque in-game worlds to explore
- Over 100 quests to complete
- Master the elements of fire, wind, water and earth
- Equip armor, weapons and items to defend, attack and win!
- Expansive collectable items, loot drops (orbs, bombs, potions and more!)
- Rich graphics, animations and visual effects
- Full, robust soundtrack to set the mood for each and every scene
- Absolutely free!!