2013年4月23日 星期二

[Android 推薦遊戲] Puzzle Family 我要搬家

Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! Wow!!!! Wow!!!!
Com2Us's ultra-Korean Puzzle Family. It's full of crazy-fun minigames, but to get in on all the fun you're either going to need to pony up some cash, or invest some substantial time playing. Here's the deal: you start out with three of the game's eight minigames available to play. One is unlocked for free, one is unlocked by connecting Puzzle Family to your Facebook account, and one is unlocked by signing into Com2Us's gaming hub.

If you want to unlock anything else, it's going to cost you stars. You can earn stars by playing the games (but
slowly), or you can pay to get them in larger amounts. Unlocking all eight games is going to take a serious investment of your time, or more than a couple of your hard-earned dollars.

So if you're someone who wants to pay for a game upfront and have it all available to you, give this one a pass. But let me just say one thing first: Puzzle Family is really, really fun. Most of the minigames are takes on matching games, but they're interesting takes. If you can resist the siren song of IAP, you can easily get by with the three unlocked games in the free version and have a lot of fun while slowly working towards unlocking the rest of the content.

Action and more excitement in 8 delightful puzzle games...
6 million gamers are already over-thrilled to play in Puzzle Family!!
Full HD screen version for YOU ONLY.

★★★★★ Loving it! -by July72
I am obsessed with this game, i can't stop!
★★★★★ Really cute game! -by hongren
Great animation! Challenging!
★★★★★ Awesome -by Samantha Zgombick
So addicting, love the graphics!
Many puzzlers have played and enjoyed...
Now, it's your turn to try it out!
This game supports English, francais, Deutsch, 한글, 中國語 and 日本語
▶▷Next Updates!!
Coming puzzle games! We are Puzzle Family!!

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