2013年10月6日 星期日

Slice the Box 剪紙箱子

剪紙箱子 是一個特別的益智類型遊戲 試想當一個小孩子無聊的獨自在家中 走進車庫裡 發現到車庫裡有一大堆的空紙箱 就開始玩起切割紙箱的遊戲 不斷的切割紙箱 作出許多有趣的形狀出來
Little boy stayed alone at home. He got bored. So, he decided to walk through the house. When he entered to garage he found big bunch of empty cardboard boxes. And to have fun he decided to cut shapes from the boxes.

剪紙箱子 是一個特別的益智類型遊戲 玩家要由一塊紙板上切掉多餘的部份 切割出特別的形狀出來 遊戲有許多的關卡 美一個關卡都會限制可以切格的次數 可以切割的長度 以及哪些是可以切割的地方 這是個有趣的遊戲 不同的難度讓玩家可以玩上一整天
Slice the Box is a unique puzzle game involving cutting cardboard into amazing shapes. Cut off the excess to form exciting-thing-a, exciting-thing-b, exciting-thing-c, and more. You'll be limited by the number of slices you can make, the length of the slices, and where you can slice! These fun, mind-bending puzzles will have you cutting cardboard for days!

Where exciting-thing-a/b/c are 3 different cool shapes/designs you can cut out.

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