2013年12月23日 星期一

Juice Cubes 果汁方塊

Available now on iOS and Android!

在以熱帶天堂為背景的 165+ 個美味水果關卡中,連線方塊,結識海盜、美人魚和女巫等等人物!隨著您揚帆開始氛圍最甜蜜、成果最豐富的冒險之旅,解開大量具有挑戰性的迷題!

Connect the cubes in 165+ levels of deliciously fruity fun set in a tropical paradise with pirates, mermaids, witches, and much more! Solve tons of challenging puzzles as you set sail for the sweetest and fruitiest adventure around!


- 玩超過 165 個充滿益智難題的遊戲關卡!

- 創造和組合水果炸彈,以製造出一些真正爆炸性的驚喜!

- 以充滿樂趣和繽紛圖畫的熱帶群島為背景!

- 隨著你在海島間跳來跳去,結識海盜、美人魚和女巫!
- 道具易於撿到,但難以掌握!

- 在各個海島之間與你的 Facebook 好友競賽!

- 解鎖激動人心的新島和瘋狂人物!

- 在提速道具和魅力道具的幫助下突破高難關卡!

Play more than 165 levels filled with challenging puzzles!

Create and combine fruit bombs for some really explosive surprises!

Set in a tropical archipelago with fun and colorful graphics!

Meet pirates, mermaids and witches as you go island hopping!

Easy to pick up but difficult to master!

Race your Facebook friends across the islands!

Unlock exciting new islands and crazy characters!

Beat those tough levels with the help of boosters and charms!

Join the fun today!

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